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CargoSmart Route Master is a planning and visualization tool that helps transportation and logistics professionals evaluate how ocean route and service changes may impact their shipment plans. In Route Master, users can run scenarios based on different goal and constraint settings to optimize their route selections. Regular use of the product helps customers gain transparency to the best network conditions, discover changes to carriers’ services, and review carriers’ performance and transit times.
Shippers and NVOCCs managing ocean shipments can use Route Master to create and simulate their trade demand portfolios. Route Master helps them evaluate their current route patterns, review carrier performance, and compare optimization results in order to create the best plans for the reliable delivery of their shipments.
You can enjoy Route Master’s basic service at no charge. For advanced features and enterprise offerings, learn more about the subscription details.
How Route Master Works
CargoSmart leverages route and vessel data from its direct connections with ocean carriers though EDI, the Automatic Identification System (AIS), and CargoSmart’s Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center (GVVMC) to provide big data that covers 830+ ports, 250,000+ port pairs, 29 ocean carriers, and 3,800+ ocean carrier services.
To run a route simulation, you can simply input the origin/destination pairs, optimization goals (including transit time, reliability, and cost index), and parameters (including filtering by carriers, vessel operators, ports, and direct routes) that you are interested in reviewing.
You are not required to make bookings through CargoSmart to use Route Master.
Route Master’s reliability score is based on on-time port arrivals of vessel operators. To calculate reliability, the estimated time of arrival (ETA) provided by the vessel operator is compared with the actual time of arrival (ATA). The baseline measurement for the ETA is determined 30 days prior to the ATA. Schedule deviations of less than 24 hours are considered on time. The reliability is the average score of the respective service’s on-time performance over the past three months.
Yes. If service reliability measurements are not available for a particular port-pair, Route Master will aggregate and reference the performance of carriers or vessel operators using other ports within the same trade.
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Registration and Subscription
Route Master offers a free basic service, a premium service, and an enterprise service. Learn more about the subscription details.
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Route Master Basic Service
Route Master generates an execution plan that suggests the optimal route option for each specified origin/destination pair. A summary view with vessel operator and direct/transshipment distribution, details of all route legs, and overall KPIs, including the average transit time and reliability will be shown.
Yes, you can use the sharing function in Route Master to share the simulation results, which include the simulation summary, the suggested routes, and all other route options for all the selected port pairs.
For all three optimization goals (i.e. transit time, reliability, and cost index), the same comparison mechanism is used. The suggested route of each port pair will be compared against the best result among the selected scenarios (i.e. shortest transit time, best reliability, and lowest cost index). Transit time differences, reliability percentages, and the cost index range are shown in bar chart format.
CargoSmart’s Global Vessel Voyage Monitoring Center monitors news about port and vessel incidents around the world. Route Master associates the incidents that may affect vessel schedules with routes and services. Route Master provides an indicator when the incidents may affect the port of loading, port of discharge, transshipment port, or intermediate ports on routes and services.
Route Master Premium Service
The coverage of intermodal schedules is the same as ocean vessel schedules and the data is received directly from ocean carriers. For simulations where the carrier has not yet published schedules, Route Master bases the intermodal information on current patterns and transit times for the potential routes offered in the future.
Depending on availability for each route option, you can review the following information: proforma schedules, port rotations, alliance participants, intermediate ports, number of vessels deployed, and vessel sizes.
Route Master supports category management that users can group simulations under the same business portfolio/pattern into single category. All the simulation results can be viewed by category as well.
The timeline view is an aggregated view of each of the suggested route options for a simulation. It displays the estimated departure and arrival milestones, by days of the week, for each ocean leg and intermodal leg (if available). The graphical timeline helps users to compare route options and see the buffer time or idling time differences and potential risks at the loading, discharging, and transshipment ports.
Route Master Enterprise Service
Route Master offers a branded solution, enabling you to publish the simulations and results on your website as a value-added service for your customers. Learn more about the subscription details.