Learn more about how the advanced technologies behind Route Master enable intelligent route optimization to benefit your business.

Extensive Data Sources

  • Collects, validates, and transforms large volumes of schedule data into an extensive, up-to-date, ocean network repository

  • Centralizes proforma, vessel schedules, and sailing schedules from 29 major ocean carriers consolidated through multiple channels, including EDI, the Automatic Identification System, and API

  • Covers 270,000+ point pairs including 860+ ports and 5,000+ inland cities around the world

Live Event Monitoring

  • Captures 200,000+ ocean carrier sailing schedule changes daily to maintain the most up-to-date estimated departure and arrival dates

  • Analyzes 1,000,000+ live vessel status updates daily to provide continuous visibility of global vessels’ positions

  • Processes 240,000+ weather related updates each day to identify and alert users about the potential impact on vessel operations

  • Monitors global shipping events closely to detect potential disruptions to schedules

Leading Service Reliability Algorithm

  • Leverages geofencing derived from historical vessel movements and machine learning to detect vessels’ actual departure and arrival times as they occur

  • Uses big data technologies to associate and analyze vessel schedules and live vessel status updates to determine vessels’ ETA accuracy

  • Scenario-based route optimization comparisons incorporate historical ocean carriers’ transit times and schedule accuracy

Advanced Optimization Model

  • Constructs time and location models from historical data to predict the future ocean network coverage

  • Discovers all possible routings of major ocean carriers by applying historical data models against current route options on demand

  • Provides optimized route suggestions prioritized by customized criteria